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All the Small Things

The older AJ gets the more important the small things become. Yes, you can't judge a book by its cover but you can start to see the outline. The question isn't "What's the harm if I ignore this small thing?" it should be "How long or how much effort does it really take to do that?" If things like saying please, thank you or cleaning up after yourself aren't important then what does it say about the bigger things in life?

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18 Going on 30

After spending the first 26 plus years at home AJ wanted nothing more than to get away and never come back. He learned a lot the first time he moved away but that ended with a very humbling move home. The resolve was just made fiercer about never wanting to go back home but that was wrong. You can't ignore or change where your from and just being back home AJ channeled an energy and inspiration he was desperately searching for.

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My Black Book

Everyone has dark times they hope to never revisit but for AJ he keeps a reminder close by so he can never forget just how low things can get and what he can pull himself up from. Reminders of death are always around but are you ever prepared for it? Being in radio has also became a responsibility to more than just himself when it comes to helping.

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Just Take the Day Off

Fresh off a whole week being sick, and really trying to grind it out, AJ wonders why we don't follow the rules we set for ourselves. Everyone says that if you're sick then you should go home and try not to spread it around the office but we all will be sticking it out until we can make it through. That's also the case when it comes to the doctor, and with 30 coming up maybe that's something he should change.

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Travel Abroad, Broaden My Patience

AJ traveled internationally for the first time and was anxious about what to expect going some place where he didn't speak the language. Moving across the country relieved some of his stress when it came to the travel aspect, but what about the people and the entirely new atmosphere? Really the best thing he took with him was the right attitude. AND there's a link for the Drop the Mic podcast on Culture Shock.

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