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Travel Abroad, Broaden My Patience

AJ traveled internationally for the first time and was anxious about what to expect going some place where he didn't speak the language. Moving across the country relieved some of his stress when it came to the travel aspect, but what about the people and the entirely new atmosphere? Really the best thing he took with him was the right attitude. AND there's a link for the Drop the Mic podcast on Culture Shock.

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Taco Trek 2017

As a part of the “Steal a Taco” promotion, you could receive a free taco by showing up to Taco Bell and requesting 1 free taco. So naturally, we wanted to see how many free tacos we could get in a 4 hour period of time. Here’s the result of said excursion. Listen every morning between 6-10 with AJ & McCall for future adventures and shenanigans!

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