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BTS Is Dropping a New Album in February

BTS Is Dropping a New Album in FebruaryOn Tuesday, K-Pop supergroup BTS delighted fans with the social media announcement that they’re dropping a new album on February 21. The album, called <i>Map of the Soul: 7</i>, is the hotly anticipated followup to last April’s release <i>Map of the Soul: Persona</i>. The <i>Map of the Soul</i> series is loosely based on themes from Dr. Murray Stein’s book <i>Jung’s Map of the Soul</i>, which outlines psychologist Carl Jung’s theories. “Global fans are eager to discover how the story will continue on from the previous installment, which explored the message of finding joy in love and reaching out to the world,” said a spokesman. A tour is likely also in the works; on December 23, the band’s company, Big Hit, posted a picture of the members’ silhouettes on purple water with the word “Tour” written on the bottom and included the text, “April 2020. Stay tuned.” Pre-orders for <i>Map of the Soul: 7 </i>will start on Thursday, January 9; buyers will randomly receive one of four versions of the album, although a full set is available. The album will contain a lyric book, photo book, stickers and coloring paper. A full set of all four versions can also be purchased.https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/k-town/8547459/bts-2020-album-map-of-the-soul