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Today’s 411 (07-27-2017)


Official music video for “Fetish” from Selena Gomez and Gucci Mane is out.. I don’t understand it. Can someone please explain it to me.


Justin Bieber accidentally hit a photographer with his truck. He was a stand up guy about it and the photographer didn’t seem to be injured too badly. I personally think that the paparazzi was standing too close to him maybe looking for a good story, but you decide for yourself. Read the full article here, and watch the video >>>


Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux showed up to support BFF Jason Bateman as he received his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame yesterday.


Justin Timberlake looked completely aghast after being bumped into on the street in NYC. Don’t worry, his smile reappeared a few moments later.


Robert Pattinson Says He and FKA twigs Are ‘Kind Of’ Engaged 2 Years After He Popped the Question. What does kind of engaged even mean?? Read the full story here.


Charlie Puth, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan all being considered to join the reboot of American Idol.


Jessica Biel says son Silas is a mini Justin. He dresses like him, looks like him, and has his swagger. Who doesn’t want a mini Justin Timberlake running around your house? Read the full story here.


A. Rod surprised boo thang J. Lo with “ANOTHER ridiculous cake” for her birthday.


Chester Bennington’s family is opening up about plans for the funeral saying it’s just going to be a private memorial. Only family, relatives, and close friends. Read the full story here.


Passion Pit Supports Justin Bieber After Canceled Tour, Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles. Read it here.


Scooter Braun posted on Instagram to address pop culture and the importance it has to the rest of the “real issues” in the world. He said:

“scooterbraunToday I went to work and I did my job. We booked some tours…strategized on selling some shows…worked to protect our clients…discussed some songs…and tried our best to make sure all those who work for us feel good about the experience. Now I don’t want to take away from what we do but it ain’t that important! When people are talking to me about our drama like it is the most important news ever I’m grateful but come on. Today the president disrespected those who have had more courage than he ever did. Today millions are living in fear of losing their healthcare with no plan in site. Today someone probably just a few miles from YOU right now is standing over a hospital bed praying someone they love recovers and makes it back to them. I know Pop culture is fun and amazing and interesting and I of all people am grateful for how it has changed my life…but it isn’t nor should it ever be our priority. Pop culture is best discussed when it is used to make us smile, escape our issues for a moment, or shed a light on real issues. So remember that…and let’s try and get back to the Real Issues. See you at work tomorrow. -Scooter”