If you have gotten online anytime in the last week,  you are familiar with the now imfamous dress which has caused the world to descend quickly into madness.



Even celebrities got caught up in the confusion.  


Well brace yourselves, because The Salvation Army in South Africa has brought back #thedress in a new and surprisingly meaningful way.


This new campaign brings back the dress that broke the internet last week, and turned the meme into a conversation about abuse.  The image features a model wearing the elusive white and gold version of the dress with text “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?” The logo of Carehaven, a home for abused women and their children run by the Salvation Army, is featured on the ad as well.

The South African advertising firm behind the image said “This ad is a mechanism to be seen not just as a message for woman who have been abused but for all.” After coming up with the idea, the firm approached the Salvation Army, where they were only too happy to participate. Through the help and hard work of suppliers and production, they put the final product together and release it within 24 hours.


Since the original ad, the South African Salvation Army has posted a new, follow-up image:

Our sources: MSN, Buzzfeed