Last Friday night, USU held their annual End of Year Bash at the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum featuring Nico and Vinz and MKTO with local band, Kitfox, playing as the opener.

The evening opened with our very own Cannonball and Bruna introducing the show and bringing out Kitfox. I had never heard of the band, and after some small technical difficulties in the sound department, they sounded really great. They absolutely have found a new fan in me. The Indie sound was different from the two headliners, but the crowd clearly knew more about them than I did, because they were eating it up

IMG_0301                   IMG_0306


After Kitfox, Nico and Vinz hit the stage with high energy and crazy enthusiasm. Their show was awesome, and incredibly entertaining. I had of course heard their big songs on the radio, but never anything else they had recorded. Despite my being unfamiliar with their music catalog, I enjoyed the show immensely and their music and energy were a lot of fun. The best moment for me during the show was when Nico and Vinz introduced their newest song, which has yet to be released. The energy was amazing and it was clear the crowd was eating it up. The song was amazing and I will absolutely be buying it when it comes out. The final song was  their biggest hit, Am I Wrong, and they were able to keep the show going and keep it entertaining until the very end. I would absolutely recommend seeing Nico and Vinz if you ever have the chance.

IMG_0305                  IMG_0309


Nico and Vinz – Am I Wrong


MKTO came up next, and their show had a little bit less energy, but the music was just as good. I was surprised to recognize several songs that were performed, and I enjoyed the show a lot. The best moment for me came when they performed a cover of the Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney collaboration, FourFiveSeconds. I am a huge fan of the song, and the pulled back acoustic version was very cool. The show closed with the mega-hit Classic and the crowd was insane. I could tell that this was the moment they had been waiting for, and it was a killer way to finish off a show.

IMG_0314                  IMG_0312


MKTO – FourFiveSeconds


MKTO – Classic


Since I’m relatively new to town, I don’t know if the End of Year Bash usually involves such a great show, but to the organizers this year, I applaud you! The evening was a great time and I’m glad I got the opportunity to go.


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