It was November 2013, and I was watching the final season of The X Factor in the US with my roommate when my whole world changed. The musical guest for that evening’s results show was franchise alum, One Direction; a band I had heard about and listened to when they came on the radio. 2 years earlier I had made fun of my sister for loving them when they first came on the scene. What I didn’t know was that these boys had become men, and they were rocking those tight pants and heavenly harmonies. My reaction was immediate and I knew instantly that I loved these unnaturally attractive British men with the voices of angels.

This is the moment that started an obsession that has lasted nearly 2 years, and apparently has no end date:

Since watching this performance on The X Factor, there is not an interview, appearance, or award show I have missed if there is a chance that they will sing, speak, or even make a passing appearance. I realize that this is crazy. I don’t care. I am an adult who can make my own decisions.

My parents (and everyone else I know) are aware of my love of One Direction, and when I graduated from college in December, my mom surprised me with a trip to San Francisco that included tickets to a concert on their On The Road Again Tour. I had a strong reaction…

After I calmed down and realized that my mom probably had zero interest in watching One Direction with me, I decided to invite my friend and former roommate, Raini, to come with me since she’s been with me since day one of this obsession and she loves them as much as I do.

After months of waiting and preparing for the most exciting day of our lives, it finally happened last Saturday, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

This is what it’s like to go to a One Direction Concert.

The concert started at 7, so Raini and I walked the mile and a half to Levi Stadium at about 6:15. We got there in time to see Icona Pop, the opening act. I didn’t care about seeing them, but they weren’t bad and put on an enjoyable show.

After Icona Pop, there was an hour long intermission. Despite being in California in July, it was not warm. The wind was brutal, and without any music to dance to, it got chilly.  Raini and I decided to fill this time by watching the crazy teenagers surrounding us, and sending ridiculous tweets to the members of One Direction, as if they would actually read them.

After an hour spent waiting and freezing, it was time. The lights went down, the stage lit up, and the intro music started. We had only ever heard the intro online, in pixelated tour videos. Now we were there, in real life, and I’ve never felt so alive! When our boys stepped out on that stage, the stadium erupted, and if I’m being honest, I was just as loud as the teens.

Since the European leg of this tour, the set list had changed, and several songs from the new album had been added, and a few had been removed as well as some of the older songs. Luckily for me, most of my favorites made the cut, and I got to see all of the moments that I had only ever seen online. It was magic.

Here are all of my favorite moments. I realize that Harry is everywhere, but he’s my soulmate and I love everything he does!

Harry Styles singing Ready to Run and sounding like an angel

Harry singing No Control and being a gosh darn smoke show

Liam singing Through the Dark and just killing that falsetto

Harry being the actual sun and making the world smile

Liam and Niall showing off their superior dance skills during Act My Age

Niall Horan singing Better Than Words, and doing “the thing”

Harry in No Control and just generally being sinfully attractive

Harry when he found out that the pregnant lady in the front had left early

The moment that I spend my whole life dreaming about

Niall being incredibly Irish during Act My Age which is also quite Irish

This show was everything I had hoped it would be, plus some. Zayn, who left the group a few months ago, was missed of course, but only briefly. The boys in One Direction have improved immensely in the 5 years that they have been a group, and even in just the last 2 years that I have been listening to them. The harmonies were flawless, and the energy was high.

After the concert, we left the stadium having bonded with the teenagers who had so passionately expressed their love for this band. I may not have anything in common with a 16 year old girl at this point in my life, but for those 2 hours, we were the same. The music had brought us together for that tiny sliver of time, and we danced and sang and lost our minds together without judgement.

It was a night I will never forget and hope to repeat. I’m still not over it 🙂

So what band do you lose your mind over? Let us know in the comments!