At this point, you’re all very aware of my love for One Direction, and until Cannonball decides to take his turn and write a blog, you’re gonna hear about it. Last night, these beautiful boys destroyed my life again by throwing their new music video at us without warning. The video is for their newest single, ‘Drag me Down,’ which they dumped on the world a few weeks ago, without considering the intense emotional damage it would do to me. These are some of my thoughts

Just hanging out in a NASA hanger, the usual.

Whoa Harry, looking good with the hair all fluffy, and the eyes all soulful, and the lips all pink.  


Liam is almost shirtless on that bike, and I’m personally offended that they didn’t finish the job


Harry has LEGS  FOR  DAYS 

How did Louis get those pants on? I’m not complaining, but they are TIGHT! The booty tho 


Liam just looks so beautiful and his lower register feels like butter

Liam 2

Harry has probably learned that robot’s full life story at this point

Harry 4

Niall is an actual angel floating above the earth 


Is Niall wearing purple boots? He’s been spending too much time in Harry’s closet

Windblown Niall is my new favorite Niall, and look at that chest hair! And those muscles! And calm down with the power thrust there buddy!

Niall 3

I mean I wouldn’t normally condone dancing in an empty lot, but I can get behind this

Can Liam just always swing on metal bars with his muscles looking like that? 

Liam 3

Who knew men in space suits could look so inviting 

Harry is really feeling this and I’m loving the aggressive behavior

Harry 5

Those. Space. Suits! 

1D 2

Harry did the punching the air thing! I repeat, he did the thing! This is out of control!

Harry 2

I don’t know what’s going on with Harry’s jacket, but I’m into it, and I want one just like it

I’m having trouble putting my intense feelings into words at this point  I may be dead

HARRY!! Those power vocals are harmful and I need a warning next time

Harry 3

I think that they should only look like this, like all the time.


Excuse me, I’m just gonna go pull myself together real quick


Here’s the full video, if you feel like taking part in the madness. I assure you, it’s worth the time